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Wholesale Insurance

Experience and Knowledge in Our Industry

Wholesale Insurance is a wholesale broker dedicated to supporting retail brokers.

Wholesale Insurance is also a cohesive group of individuals, bound together by foundations deeply rooted in the European surety bond market. Since its foundation, shareholders and management can proudly be defined as leaders in the Surety Bond sector. Our journey has not been simple and linear but filled with evolutions, satisfactions, and continuous growth, with ongoing steps that have led us to today, establishing ourselves as a reality with well-consolidated track records and claims history.

Today, we are recognized by the market as wholesale brokers, keeping pace with the times and always in continuous update; all characteristics that reflect our ongoing evolution and commitment to innovation. This latest step represents a significant milestone for us as we strive to remain at the forefront of our industry, relying on experts in the IT world, which forms one of our strengths.

Our story is one of deep knowledge and continuous support for our clients and collaborators.

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List of Wholesale Insurance's main services

Bid Bond for Provisional Guarantee

Enables participation in public procurement tenders for works

Performance Bond
for Final Guarantee

Ensures the proper execution of works by the
contracting company.

Surety for
Real Estate Buyers

Protects real
estate buyers

Surety for Registration in the Register of Environmental Managers

Policy for the
Ministry of the Environment

Duties Surety

Sureties for deferred periodic payment
of customs duties.

for Contributions

The winning company can request an advance on the loan.

Surety for Urbanization Charges

Ensures compliance with
urbanization charges

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